Saying Goodbye to Neighbors

Introducing yourself to new members of your local community is a Canadian staple. Have you ever been offered a batch of fresh cookies after moving into a new neighborhood? It feels good, doesn’t it! What also feels good is when your community gets together to wish you a happy goodbye. This is like when you’re friends host a going away party for you to say farewell. If you’re moving to a new city and seeking adventure elsewhere, you’ll remember the good community you left behind after they take the time to say bye.

Consider this a friendly reminder to never take good neighbors for granted. You never know who will replace them. I always like to make a special moment out of saying goodbye to the people who live around me, if I find out they’re leaving in time. If you’re leaving to a new place and have made good connections with your neighbors, why don’t you let them know you’re leaving and host a party? This is a great way to get their emails and make sure you can extend your relationships, turning them into friendships.

So, if someone you know who lives nearby is moving away, remember what we discussed today. It’ll mean a lot to them if you give them cookies!